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MediK8Mobile is at the forefront of mobilizing the delivery and receipt of medical cannabis, courtesy of innovative technology and inventive professionals.

We have a mission, infused by our vision of what this industry can be, what this industry must be, as a result of our shared commitment to convenience, communication, intelligence and exceptional service.

mediK8mobile Web Portal

Management overview tool


View your drivers GPS locations in real time. Review schedules and assign orders. Manage delivery information, track miles, and record sales history.


of in stock, and en route.


in a federally and HIPAA compliant cloud server. To protect the patient and the collective, fraud prevention.


Virtually manage all of your locations, employees, patients and products from anywhere you or mobile device. Track the sales and overall business performance for every location individually or collectively.

mediK8mobile App

Delivery management tool

GPS Tracking &
Route Management

Increase your travel efficiency by planning for unexpected traffic delays. Verify the best route for deliveries and record the driving data using Google Maps.

Inventory Tracking
& Management

Know what products you have in stock anytime, anywhere. Communicating directly to the web app, inventory is updated automatically in real-time as each transaction is completed.

Delivery Schedule
& History

Drivers will always know their delivery schedules and sales information for every order. with each transaction.

Patient Records
& Agreements

Confidentially and securely send your patient documents to our cloud based platform. Every agreement is recorded, uploaded and stored to protect the patient and collective.

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tool for web based mobile devices

mediK8mobile Pricing


Monthly Rate$99|m

Locations 1
Drivers 3
Inventory 50

Recommended for business owners that are in a smaller city with a smaller inventory and a handful of drivers.

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Monthly Rate$199|m

Locations 3
Drivers 9
Inventory 120

Recommended for business owners that are in a larger city with an eclectic inventory and a squad of drivers.

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Monthly Rate$299|m

Locations Unlimited
Drivers Unlimited
Inventory Unlimited

Recommended for business owners with multiple collectives across different states.

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