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Introducing a complete toolkit

for fully compliant delivery for controlled substances

We are the most advanced point-of-sale and inventory management platform for delivery services that streamlines your operation, simplifies compliance, and gives you the tools to make better business decisions.

From barcoding your products to complete end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication, and analytics platform that handles all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your customers.


Customers Served


Average Product Logged Per User


Average Transactions Delivered Per User

Powering Logistics.

We give brands and marketplaces the ability to sell product from their own website. By connecting your online menu, you allow a broader demographic to purchase your product. We are the trusted last mile delivery solution for enterprises in a fully vertical supply chain. Let us help you track every step of the way and record data you need to run efficiently.

Streamline your

delivery operation

Take your delivery operations to the next level with advanced route optimization, automated dispatch, real-time fleet tracking and powerful analytics that help you control your business by managing everything all in one place.

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Reach more customers online.

We have tools to help anyone start selling online to anyone.
We can help you with a personal branded online store that syncs with your inventory to help you sell right away.
Your menu? Updated in real time with a single click.

Need help with State Compliance?

Stop waiting on others.

Create and print your own barcodes and then print on your wireless printing device.
No more waiting for design and shipping times! You now have a friend in the printing business.
Need custom design?
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Your helping hand for compliance.

We’re here to help you stay compliant. We have consulting expertise in licensing and operations
for all license types specializing in Non-store front Retail, Distribution and Transportation and Cultivation.
With our compliance oversight package, we can help you have an oversight and conduct audits of the system periodically
to give you feedback before red flags are raised. Let us help you take care of business.
37+ Active Cultivation Licenses
3+ Distributors
2+ Processors
2+ Nurseries
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Take payments a little more safely.
Contactless Debit Payment Processing

Accept payments securely, any way you want—and if you’re selling in person, encourage contactless payments at your point of sale to keep things sanitary.
We are the only delivery software with compliance under federal banking regulations powered by Hypur. Hypur offers the convenience and security of mainstream payments without the frustrations, unreliability, and awkwardness of niche payment schemes.
Enjoy the convenience of card payments without the security risks associated with workaround payment options.

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